Sharpening by

Tokyo Shears

Tokyo Shears will service your shears to factory specifications. Our expertly trained master sharpeners use traditional Japanese methods to restore them to like new.

In-Salon Service

In salon service is one of the number of services Tokyo Shears provides. If you are a stylist based in Orange County California or its surrounding area we come to you! We pick up your shears from your salon and have them back in one business day. While you wait for your shears to return we leave you a pair of our handcrafted Japanese Tokyo Shears to borrow. The price for in-salon service is. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Mail-In Service

Shears from all over the country are mailed to us. We know how Important your shears are to you and realize you don’t like to be without them. As soon as we receive them they are serviced and mailed back with in one business day.

More details below.

Hair cutting (Japanese/German style) . $40

$45.00Add to cart

Grooming (straight or curved)  $35

$45.00Add to cart

Our Scissor Servicing at a Glance

  • We inspect and evaluate every scissor before any servicing starts
  • Scissors are then disassembled cleaned and re-assessed
  • Inside blade (hone lines) are hand honed as required for style of scissor
  • Scissor “ride” is re-established as required
  • Cutting edges are sharpened or convexed with high-precision guides
  • Worn bearings and bumpers are replaced with professional grade components (at no extra charge)
  • Scissors are re-assembled and test cuts are carried out for best performance
  • Scissor “Set” is verified and restored as required (hair will pull if “set” is not restored)
  • If scissor “Set” restoration is required, performance test cuts are re-established
  • Scissors are lubricated and tension balanced


1. Prepare your package. Gather up items requiring sharpening/service. Individually wrap your shears in some kind of  paper or bubble wrap.. Make certain all sharp edges are well covered and taped tight. Next, insert well packed items in a bubble envelope and make certain items cannot move around.

2. Complete our MAIL-IN SHARPENING ORDER FORM online. Include (if need be) a detailed report of any particular discrepancies you would like to bring to our attention.

3. Decide how you would like to make payment and please do so before shipping your items.

4. Double check your package to ensure all items are well wrapped, “Mail-in” sharpening service form is completed and inserted in package. Seal your package tightly and a use a little extra packing tape around the edges. Ship your package to:


Tokyo Shears
16532 Lucia Ln
Huntington Beach ca 92647

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